Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gluten Free, Sclero Free?

I have a theory... if I am Gluten Free, then I will be Scleroderma free. Glutenous grains (possibly ALL gluten, but absolutely WHEAT) are causing my skin to break open in a kind of dermatomyositis rash.

I noticed it a number of weeks ago; a small sore on the knuckle of my ring finger on my right hand. The skin was raw, as though I had banged it on something, but I knew I hadn't. The only changes to my routine that week was a large consumption of wheat products after having gone gluten free for a number of weeks. I tried everything... triple antibiotic ointment... even Extra Virgin Cononut Oil wasn't causing the sore to heal (although I found it soothing and eventually softening, it would not cause the inflammation to cease and the skin to close back up.)

The only thing that healed my finger was again removing wheat from my diet. Once the redness was gone and the sore closed up, the skin that was left was tough and the wrinkles on my knuckle seemed raised or filled in. You could run your finger over it and know that it had been an open sore, even weeks later. Coconut oil has helped to soften this scar tissue and is quickly returning my finger back to normal. The ignorant eye would never know of the sclerosis that had been rapidly devouring my finger.

And as for the scaly skin on my upper arms, this has also healed since going gluten free. I believe the coconut oil is assisting in keeping the skin smooth and soft. But the only real difference has been removing wheat and other glutenous grains from my diet.

I will continue to remain gluten free because I am utterly convinced. Not only has my skin healed, I generally feel better, have less anxiety, less depression, less anger, my weight is down and my complexion is healthier. I have experienced a significant reduction in the telangiectasia on my face. It no longer feels as though my cheeks are chapped. Again, EVCO is helping to calm and soothe the skin, but I know for sure that gluten is the aggravating offender.

On a side note...

The EVCO seems to be healing my stretch marks, and reducing my cellulite. Such a wonderful benefit. I also notice that chasing my Calcium/Magnesium supplement with a tbsp of EVCO keeps the dizzy/nauseous feelings at bay. Such an odd side affect, and an equally odd cure. But I absolutely LOVE my Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from the Philippines. And even though purchasing 32 fl oz each month is expensive, it is completely worth it and I am happy to do it.

I hope this information helps, and I hope you will try removing gluten from your diet as well!

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